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Fundraising 101

Remember, it only takes 15 donations of $35.00 to exceed your fundraising minimum of $500.00! You can do this!

The golden rule of fundraising is: You raise money when you ask for it. You don’t when you don’t. So Ask Big! If you ask someone for $100, you might get $100, or you could get less. But if you ask someone for $10, you might get $10, but you probably won’t get any more than that. You don’t lose anything if someone says “no” to your request, or gives less than you ask for. But you are losing out on a potential donation if you don’t ask in the first place, or don’t ask for very much. Over the years, tens of thousands of Susan G. Komen fundraisers have raised millions for breast cancer using this exact same advice. It works.

Once you have a fundraising goal, a list of potential donors and an “ask big” attitude, you can begin your campaign. Your fundraising minimum for Komen on the Creeper is $500—but why not shoot for the stars and aim higher?

Check out our Fundraising Resources tab for more ideas and inspiration to reach your fundraising goal!

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