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  • Email your friends and family from your Participant Center, inviting them to join your team.
  • Change your Facebook status message, send a tweet or update your personal blog.
  • Host a recruitment event and ask your guests to join your team.
  • Contact us and let us know you are willing to accept individuals who want to get involved that are looking for a team to join.
  • Host an informational meeting at your workplace.
  • Write an article for your company/organization newsletter.
  • Put a Komen on the Creeper poster up at your office, school or place of worship.
  • Form a team with your family—it’s a bonding experience like nothing else.
  • Start a team with the people in your area or neighborhood.
  • Start a team with an organization you represent.

How Others Register to Join Your Team

To join a team, search for the name of the team you want to join and select it. Or call 540.400.8222 ext. 2 to register and indicate that you would like to join a team. Let us know the team name, and your coach will be happy to get you started.

How to Host a Recruitment Party

  1. Secure a location: a conference room at work, your neighborhood recreation center, your church or your house.
  2. Send out an invitation to the party. Invite people who donated to you last year, your friends, family, neighbors—anyone whom you might want on your team.
  3. If you would like someone from the Virginia Blue Ridge Affiliate to attend your team building party, contact us to ask if a coach/staff member is available to attend.
  4. Use social media to promote and remind people about the event and to cast a wider net.
  5. Confirm your RSVPs.
  6. Set up for the party.
  7. During the party:
    • Start by explaining why you are participating in Komen on the Creeper.
    • Ask everyone to join your team. For those who are unable to participate, ask them to donate.
    • If you don’t know an answer to a question, check out our FAQ section or call 540.400.8222 ext. 2 for more information.
    • If possible, set up a computer and have the website available for people to become familiar with all the tools that will be available to them once they register to join your team.
    • Have fun! Let others feel the positive energy generated by joining your team
  8. Send a thank you email from your Participant Center to everyone who attended your party, asking them to join your team if they haven’t already.


As you know, each individual walker must raise a minimum of $500. But don’t limit yourself. By working together as a team, you can raise even more.

Team Fundraising Ideas:

  • Make a Team Flag: Hang it proudly in your home, office or community center and have donors sign it after they make their generous contribution!
  • Make (and sell) Team T-shirts: You can make your own team T-shirt, displaying your team name, fundraising goal, slogan and more. This is a great way to advertise your team and get people asking questions about the event; thus leading to a donation. You may also consider selling your team T-shirts, and putting those funds towards your fundraising efforts.
  • Throw a Dinner Party: Each member of the team can make a dish. Once your guests arrive, start by showing one of our informational videos during cocktails and appetizers. Then talk about why you’re participating in Komen on the Creeper over dinner and hand out donation forms with dessert. Collect the forms and give donors a pink ribbon, and/or have guests sign your team T-shirt before they leave.
  • Set up a Table at a Local “Hot Spot”: Get permission from a local health club, yoga studio or coffee shop to set up a table inside the establishment, and then ask interested patrons who pass by to support your team.
  • Special Screening: Ask your local movie theater to donate a special screening of a new release to benefit your team. Invite everyone you know and post flyers. Charge at the door.
  • Meet the Press: Contact the editor of your local paper, company newsletter—or both! Ask them to interview you about what your team has undertaken and why, and include a request for support. Be sure to include instructions in the story for how readers can make a donation to your team.
  • Benefit Night: Throw a fundraising party at a local establishment. Ask that local restaurant, ice cream parlor, etc. to support you with a donation of 10% (or more!) of the night’s sales.
  • Live/Silent Auction: Ask some local businesses to donate items or gift certificates and hold an auction at your fundraising event, or on payday at work. Good for a large crowd and some big-ticket items: a trip for two, a special bottle of wine, landscape, pool or housecleaning service—the list is endless! Set minimum donation limits and allow people to bid them up.
  • Team Car Wash: Go to your local car wash and talk with the owner/manager about doing a fundraising event there. Post flyers a week in advance, and then spend a few hours talking with people about what you are doing at the cashier stand. Hand people a flyer and accept donations.

Team Donations

Although each walker is responsible for raising at least $500, there are still ways that teams can share fundraising dollars. Here are a few suggestions:

  • As team members reach their fundraising minimum, ask them to add a note to their Personal Page (the public page you may edit and access via your Participant Center) to encourage donors to contribute to another person on your team who has not yet met the fundraising minimum. Share your personal fundraising page to your Facebook and make an additional note of this.
  • If there are still a few members of your team struggling to make the minimum as the event approaches, step in and help each other to the goal. Ask donors to mail checks directly to the team captain made out to Susan G. Komen Virginia Blue Ridge rather than making donations via individual participant pages.
    • Be sure to let the donor know that donations will be shared with the team. As you receive checks, re-attach them to donation forms for team members who need the funds and send them to the address on the form.

How to conquer your team members’ fears of fundraising:

  • Talk about your fears as a team. Getting face to face with someone who might have some anxiety about making the minimum is a great way to assure them that they’re not alone. Remember, it only takes 15 donations of $35.00 to exceed your fundraising minimum.
  • Meet with your team to create a fundraising plan for everyone; brainstorm together and support everyone’s ideas.
  • Ask for help from your Komen on the Creeper Coach. You may call, e-mail, or set up a meeting for advice.
  • Create a timeline for your fundraising. Assign specific launch dates for your emails, fundraising parties, follow-up letters, etc. Then track results online and send messages congratulating team members on achieving fundraising milestones.
  • Plan group fundraising activities and divide up various tasks according to your teammates’ skills. If a team member is shy, let her work on the behind-the-scenes logistics. If a team member is a “people person,” put her front and center, making the fundraising ask.

Team FAQs

Q. How do I join or form a team?
   A. If you haven't registered as a participant for Komen on the Creeper yet, you may register online and select “Start a Team” or "Join a Team." To start a team, create your team name and fundraising goal and you’ll be designated as the captain. To join a team, search for the name of the team you want to join and select it. Or call 540.400.8222 ext. 2 to register and indicate that you would like to join a team. Let us know the team name, and your coach will be happy to get you started. If you've decided to join a team after you've already registered, call the Komen Virginia Blue Ridge office at 540.400.8222 ext. 2.

Q. Can team members share or split donations?
   A. If you are mailing in a check donation, you may ask us to divide that donation among team members.

Q. How many people can make up a team?
   A. Teams can be as small as two members and as big as you can imagine! You and a friend can register as a team and then inspire others to join you. Once you register as a team captain, we will send you a registration packet with some resources to get you started.

Q. What is the fundraising minimum for a team?
   A. Each team member is responsible for their own fundraising minimum requirement. While the team can set a bigger group goal, there is no minimum requirement for a team other than the individual requirement ($500 per walker.)

Q. What is the registration fee for a team?
   A. There is no registration fee per team, other than the individual registration fee for each participant.

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